Horizon Health Fund is a Durham, NC Based Company

that specializes in patient financing for hospitals and large health systems. Horizon Health Fund has over three decades of operational experience in working with hospital receivables.

Horizon Health Fund is patient-centric. We understand that our business partner’s patients are what matter most. A happy patient is a healthier patient. Our HHF program is designed to fit the patient’s budget. Hospitals cash flow is shrinking and almost 60% of patients will ask for extended terms to help offset the rise in “out of pocket expenses”.

Horizon Health Fund can be easily implemented at the participating hospital or health system by using our advanced technology. HHF also maintains the highest level compliance. Our IT staff continues to upgrade security to protect the patient against any breach. HHF uses a PCI level 1 audited call center.

Deductibles have risen


Horizon Health Fund offers patients several options to pay their bill. Starting with an interest free option and ranging up to 48 months. HHF funding to the hospital occurs after the patient has signed the credit application and made the first payment to HHF. The program is a great asset to the community by offering a simple to get line of credit with no interest to a very low rate of interest.

As your business partner, HHF will work to provide a much higher upfront collections that in turn will reduce the amount of money flowing into bad debt.