Horizon Health Fund is a patient financing company. While the company launched in 2017, it is backed by decades of experience. HHF is majority owned by Professional Recovery Consultants. PRC has been in business since 1979. Geoff Miller, the President of both PRC and Horizon Health Fund, had the idea of including patient financing into an already outstanding and experienced self-pay revenue cycle company. Horizon Health Fund is poised for explosive growth over the next several years due to its simple yet innovative approach and backing of almost a four-decade-old company.

How does Horizon Health Fund benefit from PRC?

  • -PRC is proud of the self-pay experience, technology, compliance, and data security that has been deployed over the years.
  • -PRC has a PCI Level 1 service provider audit performed by TechLock®, along with several other audits including HIPAA audit which is unique in the patient financing space.  
  • -Our Operations department utilizes the most innovative and cutting-edge software tools. These tools help increase collections as well as monitor and train our staff in regards to dealing with your patients. PRC has a very strong commitment to listening to what our clients want and demand in addition to our willingness to adhere to those demands. This philosophy has made PRC one of the top collection/Early Out agencies in the country.

A Single-Source Solution
With this in mind, Horizon Health Fund is a mirror image of PRC’s philosophy, infrastructure, and data security. Horizon Health Fund uses the same infrastructure and compliance guidelines that PRC has built over the past four decades.  Horizon Health Fund and Professional Recovery Consultants is the only company team in the country that can provide a single-source solution to health systems for Self-Pay Receivables Management. PRC/HHF can provide assistance to the hospital and patient from early out to patient financing, and bad debt if necessary. This will allow hospitals seeking to consolidate the number of vendors and use a single source solution. Horizon Health Fund has its own call center staff and uses the latest technology provided through Professional Recovery Consultants for all our call center needs.

If your facility is looking for an early-out solution, patient financing, or bad debt, think of the PRC/HHF combination.  Our product can also be used individually to improve any specific portion of your revenue cycle. But remember, Horizon Health Fund is a new entity that is run by experienced healthcare executives, using the infrastructure of a well-established company, PRC. PRC has been setting up and managing patient payment plans for almost four decades. The only difference now is that we can provide upfront cash should the client or prospect want the funding. PRC is more experienced with extensive data security measures in place than the majority of our competitors in the patient financing space.

Horizon Health Fund is merely an extension of a sound organization whose president had the insight and resources to build a financing model, strengthened by our superior product already being offered through PRC. So if your organization is interested in hearing more about the combined product offering or a customized solitary solution, let us hear from you. Horizon Health Fund, the new idea that runs on experience.

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