Horizon Health Fund’s Patient Loan program is proud to offer terms that best fit the needs of Cookeville Regional Medical Center.

Executive Vice President of Horizon Health Fund, Tony Mary said, “Hospitals have a couple of options, continue to see an ever-increasing number of internal payment-plans or outsource those plans and drive upfront collections.” 

Tony also stated, “Healthcare has gotten very expensive and an overwhelming majority of patients are affected.  These patients need extended terms that will fit into their budget.”

Cookeville Regional has been at the forefront of creating front end solutions that educate their patients. As a result, their patients know what to expect and are given options to manage their healthcare expenses.


 “We look forward to our partnership with Horizon Health Fund. It is our goal to give patients easier access to healthcare and affordable options to pay at a manageable pace,” said Mary Jane Howard, director of Patient Financial Services at Cookeville Regional. “There is a real need to offer a program with extended terms to those patients that currently have high deductible plans. We encourage patients to call Patient Financial Services and ask any questions.”

Horizon Health Fund will go live at Cookeville Regional Medical on April 15, 2019.

Horizon Health Fund is a subsidiary of Professional Recovery Consultants, INC., a Durham, North Carolina based company. Cookeville Regional Medical Center is a Tennessee not-for-profit company.

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